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Disable minification rather than throw an exception

I have a method which produces unexpected content type results. Would it be possible to simply disable minification when using MVC attributes rather than it throwing an Exception?

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Hello. Can you help to deal with error: I have an action: [HttpGet] [MinifyHtml] public ActionResult GetTariffExtendings(Guid tariffCode) { var model = ... get the model return PartialView("Parti...

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A Potentially dangerous Request.Form value with [ValidateInput(false)] and [CompressContent]

Hi! Can you help with that problem Have an Action: [HttpPost] [AllowAnonymous] [ValidateInput(false)] [ValidateAntiForgeryToken] [MinifyHtml, CompressContent] public ActionResult Register(Registe...

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Implementation of minification for my whole project

Hello, I am implementing minification for my project. I have made changes as per documentation. Here is my updated web.config file: <configuration> <webMarkupMin xmlns="

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How can I disable HTML minification for a particular URL?

I'm using Sitecore CMS on our website. I've noticed that HTML minifier brakes markup which is produced by Sitecore in the administration area. Is there any possibility to disable HTML minifier wh...

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Cache-Control response header is being set to private when using HTML minifier

I have set up the cache control mode to UseMaxAge value. <staticContent> <clientCache cacheControlMode="UseMaxAge" cacheControlMaxAge="365.00:00:00" /> </staticContent> But when I turn on the HT...

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Minify AngularJS binding expressions causes exception with `ngRepeat`

If I have the MinifyAngularBindingExpressions property set to true, and I have the following markup to iterate over a 2-dimensional array or object: <div ng-repeat="item in itemArray[myIndex] track...

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jQuery conditional loading causes "Remain not closed conditional comment." exception

When using the recommend jQuery CDN/Conditional loading the minifyier throws an exception. e.g. <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script src="//"></script>...

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Remove response header?

Is there any way to remove the response header that WebMarkupMin puts in: X-HTML-Minification-Powered-By:WebMarkupMin ? Also are there anything else it puts in the response headers? thanks....

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Error when compressing Knockout.js template section

Found that WebMarkupMin doesn't compress knockout template in source code. All other markup compressed. Knockout.js template looks like: <script type="text/html" id="userTmpl"> <td data-bind="...

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